Friggin' China screwed me again. I was eagerly anticipating an exciting, fiery end to this story, and I get nothing. Tiangong-1, for those who don't know, is a space station. In fact, it was China's first space station. They apparently lost control of it, and we learned a few weeks back that it would crash to Earth, and I was pumped.

Well, it landed in the South Pacific this morning, causing no damage. I didn't want it to hit anyone really, I'm not a psycho after all, but I was hoping for some property damage. Like, wouldn't it have been great if it crash landed on a GMC Acadia in Westchester? I'd have a blast with that. No such luck.

The only good to come out of this is some minor embarrassment for China. If Tiangong-1's anti climactic ending were a movie, what movie would it be? I'm thinking that if you consider all the hype that came with it, and stack it up against the substance of the story, you end up with The Blair Witch Project.

What a piece of crap that movie was. It was some kids in the woods arguing about a lost map and who smoked all the cigarettes.

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