Well this is a new one, I had to have my dog's DNA collected. Why? Because we have a slob living in our neighborhood that doesn't pick up their dog's poop.

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DNA testing? And it cost us $50. How does it work? All dog owners in our condo association had to bring their dog to a DNA testing company representative in our parking lot, then the worker swabbed around my little guy's mouth a couple of times. RayRay's DNA will be profiled in a database, and compared to any stray poop found on our property. If it's not a match, no prob. If it is? We face fines that increase with each offense, and ultimately we would have to re-home our dog as a final measure.

Photo by Large "He has the cutest little doodies too" Dave
Photo by Large "He has the cutest little doodies too" Dave

I have a Chihuahua, I'm sure RayRay's Tootsie Roll-sized bombs are going to be pretty easy to pick out of a lineup. I get it, I lived in Waterbury for 52 years, I've stumbled into hundreds of brown outs. Torrington is different, people really use leashes, and if you don't pick up your dog doo, it's DNA testing time apparently.

Our condo association rolled out this DNA testing plan a couple of months ago after our unknown lazy neighbor left multiple disasters on the common areas in our complex. There were a couple of strongly-worded warnings from our property management company over the summer, after the lawn crew members got dirtied by one too many leftover piles of dung.

Is this really what it's come to? Come on, pick up after your dog. Connecticut doesn't have a specific state law against offenders, but plenty of our towns and cities. There is common sense too: if you privately own the land? Do as you please. If it's someone else's, or common property? Pick it up, buy bags, or, there are plenty of leaves around.

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