Wallet Hub just released (2/22/22) a new study where they set out to find the Hardest-Working Cities in America.

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They looked at the 116 most populous cities in America, and examined metrics like employment rate, average work hours in a week and unused vacation time, and Bridgeport did not perform well in the study.

The study determined that Anchorage Alaska is the hardest working city in America and based on the TV shows I've seen on the Discovery Channel, I'll buy that. Anchorage just edged out Washington D.C. at number 2 on the list, and way down near the bottom, Bridgeport was #112.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with Bridgeport and these lists. Every time I turn around, they are making headlines for showing up on a nationwide list.

The last one I read was from my colleague, who published the results of a new study about the best places to raise a family. Not only was Bridgeport in the Top 10 Best places to raise a family, they were number 2 in the nation, according to the numbers from bestplaces.net.

Just a few days earlier, I wrote an article about Disney’s new residential, resort-style communities. Disney has plans to put these communities all over the country. I used Bridgeport as an example to make a point. I said, if Disney wants to impress me with these utopian mini-societies, they should put one in Bridgeport.

I sited other stats from Neighborhood Scout, that say your chances of being the victim of a violent crime in Bridgeport, are 1 in 179. For comparison’s sake, your chances are chances are 1 in 558 statewide.

So, what is going on here? Is Bridgeport good? Is it bad? Is it hardworking, lazy, safe, a good place to raise a family? None of these study results seem to match the one before. This is the perfect time to point out that your view of your hometown is what you make it, it’s how you feel and what you want.

Source: WalletHub

None of these numbers mean much, it’s all about you. If you are happy where you are, stay, if you’re not, go.

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