If you've been selling THC-infused beverages in Connecticut, by the law or underneath the radar, today is inventory day, and you should start counting your product.

How do you prefer administering cannabis? Do you like pre-rolled joints? A 3 foot bong? Have you stepped into the present, and prefer vaporizing concentrates, or drinking THC-infused beverages to get high? There are so many choices. Cannabis-infused beverages are extremely popular, and everyone that made the decision to legalize recreational adult-use of cannabis wants a piece of that revenue.

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Bryan Cafferelli has announced on ct.gov that all Connecticut businesses that currently sell THC-infused beverages must take inventory of all of those products in their possession by Tuesday, May 14, 2024, and those reports, plus a one dollar per-container fee for each, is due to the Connecticut DCP by June 14, 2024. Why? Due to the enforcement of a new law in Connecticut that closes the loophole that allowed establishments outside of icensed cannabis dispensaries to carry THC-spectrum infused beverages to the general public.

According to ct.gov, businesses in possession of previously-allowed THC-infused beverages may sell those products only through June 30, 2024 ONLY if they complete the required inventory and pay the fees. After July 1, 2024, only licensed cannabis retailers and package store permittees may continue to do so.

Also as of October 1, 2024, THC-infused beverages sold by dispensaries and package stores may contain no more than 3mg of THC per 12oz container. I picked up the 100mg root beer you see in the above photo from 'a friend of a friend'.

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