Connecticut has some pretty notable barbeque spots if you ask me.

Right here in the Greater Danbury area, we are lucky to be surrounded by some of the best. We have The Cue, Hoodoo Brown, and Twins BBQ just to name a few. I also recently tried Hindsight BBQ in Waterbury and man, it did not disappoint. I'm still dreaming about the loaded tots and the brisket grilled cheese.

Just recently, a study from 24/7 Tempo came out with the best barbeque in each state and I was honestly expecting to see one of those places just mentioned as the winner. Instead, a barbeque joint in Mystic was named best in our state. Noble Smokehouse was named best in Connecticut and the description underneath says, "Connecticut isn't exactly a barbeque capital, and the picturesque tourist town of Mystic is probably the last place you'd expect to find pork belly burnt ends, Texas brisket chili, or Memphis-style pulled pork sandwiches, but all of those other smoky favorites are on the menu at this spot opened by Josh Feldman in 2021."

While all of that sounds absolutely delicious, I decided to take it to Yelp to see what the people had to say about Noble Smokehouse and if they agreed. Overall, Noble Smokehouse has a 4.5 rating on yelp and a lot of the comments are agreeing with the title that 24/7 Tempo gave them.

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One person galled this a "must hit" spot, many saying they gave it a try for the first time and it absolutely did not disappoint. One reviewer said that they've eaten at many different barbeque spots across the entire country and that Noble Smokehouse was one of the best.

I am intrigued. I've never been but I absolutely need to make the trip. I can always use an excuse to go down to Mystic and this may be my next reason why.

What would you deem as best BBQ in Connecticut? I'd love to get your thoughts.

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