Connecticut is a stupid expensive place to live and it gets worse by the day. If you are going to live here and afford it, you need to be frugal or at least try. If I really sit back and think about it, we spend more on food than anything else.

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Groceries, dinners out and fast-food trips add up so it's smart to know where you can get the best bang for your buck. I did some digging to see which Connecticut fast-food restaurants will save you the most money.

7 of Connecticut's Cheapest Fast Food Options For Frugal Foodies

I looked in a multiple sources, sites like Cheapism, Yahoo Finance and Insider Monkey to find some of the cheapest fast food restaurants in America and then eliminated any restaurants that are not in Connecticut to find the Sensible 7: Connecticut's Cheapest Fast Food Options

These are in no particular order

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Here are some additional tips from Buzzfeed that will save you money on your fast food.

  • Utilizing the apps for fast food restaurants can go a long way in saving you money.
  • Go for the days they have deals! Whopper Wednesday. Domino's does 50% off once a week.
  • The best deal is the Cravings Box on the Taco Bell app. I think the price varies by location, but where I am, you get three food items and a soda for $5.99
  • If I just want a snack, I use the McDonald's app and get a free large fry with any $1 purchase. I get a large Coke at $1.29, so I'm getting a drink and something to eat for dirt cheap. Even if I add a McChicken to make a meal, I can still eat under $4
  • Go to your neighborhood Chinese restaurant. I have found in any town the lunch specials can't be beat. For usually about $8, you get fried rice, soup or an egg roll, and a main dish like garlic chicken
  • Domino's $6.99 each for two or more medium pizzas is a good deal. Even if you're paying $9.99 for specialty ones, you still get a fair amount of food for the money

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I started to get hungry after writing for about five minutes and now all I can think about is mercy-killing my diet and stuffing my face. Maybe I should do a bang-bang.

If I was pulling a bang-bang right now I'd go Subway/Pizza. I'd do a footlong sweet onion chicken teriyaki on wheat with mayo, sweet onion sauce, swiss cheese, pickles, hot peppers, banana peppers, black olives, onions and mayo. I'd wash that down with some Sun Chips, a large soda and a large cheese pie.

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