Did you wake up angry Saturday morning like I did? Everyone in Connecticut saw the Northern Lights, except for me. I'd love to start up a game of Nature BINGO 2024 for the State of Connecticut, we might win this year.

In the five months of 2024 that we've lived through, Connecticut has experiences two rarities in the natural world - Aurora Borealis and an earthquake that measured over 4.0 on the Richter Scale. I missed the Northern Lights, but I sure as hell felt the earthquake last month. Buckle up for the Summer of 2024 Connecticut, the Weather Channel has announced that the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season could be one of the most active on record. Weather experts are predicting that the possibility exists for two dozen named storms to form, 11 of which could become hurricanes, of which 6 could reach Category 3 or higher.

The North Atlantic Ocean has experienced 400+ days of record warmth, and El Nino is predicted to become La Nina, which could mean bad news for us in Connecticut.

While we fear the Atlantic Hurricane Season in Connecticut, strong Spring thunderstorms with deadly tornados have left scars here too. Floods? Oh, we have plenty of them, in fact, read up on what is happening along the Connecticut River. One natural disaster that I think we're safe from, at least until December, is an avalanche.

I've experienced hurricanes, tornados, floods, an earthquake, droughts, and blizzards in my life, just missed on the Northern Lights. What's coming next in 2024 for Connecticut? We'll see if the Cicadas make their way in next month.

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