As someone who's 100% Italian, I am always up for some chicken parm. I don't get it from places very often because there's no better chicken parm than from my own family. Biased? Yes. But that's okay.

I was scrolling through Instagram when a video was on my explore page that caught my attention. It was of a chicken parm grinder (yes, grinder) that just looked phenomenal. When I went to click on the video, I saw that it was from a shop right here in Connecticut.

A delicious master piece right here in Connecticut? I think I need to make the drive. The video shows the grinder from Claudia's Grinder Shop in Farmington. Since that's a part of the state I'm not as familiar with, I had never heard of it before. But it looks like I will be making a treck there. When I clicked on their page, it says "old school grinders since 1997". I went down a rabbit hole on their Instagram page, and man do those grinders look good.

The initial video I saw was from a user with the name @the_roamingfoodie. Take a look at the video yourself and tell me it wouldn't automatically catch your attention.

When I was scrolling the comments, people were saying that it was the best chicken parm in CT. One person said, "spent $1000s there it's the best I've ever had." Okay how have I not heard of this place before? It seems to be a fan favorite in Farmington and now I need to check it out for myself.

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I mean come on - how can you say no to this?

I'll see you at Claudias. Let me know what you end up getting.

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