One of the most striking features in my hometown of Waterbury has always been the huge cross at the top of the hill in Holy Land. Even more so since 2013, when a brilliant new cross was installed, with bright lights that made the beacon of hope even more so. The story behind Holy Land began in 1955, when Waterbury attorney John Baptist Greco came up with the idea of creating miniature versions of Biblical-era Bethlehem and Jerusalem, representing the stations of the cross, catacombs, villages, a chapel, recreations of the Garden of Eden, and other Bible parables.

The site officially closed down in 1984, and despite numerous attempts to get public interest going, it has never officially reopened since. There have been church services conducted from the sight recently, and now Holy land has become the official launching pad for the Waterbury Fireworks, taking over the mantle from Municipal Stadium.

Which brings me to this past weekend, I belong to a Facebook group called "You know you're from Waterbury when...". It's a typical Facebook group where a bunch of like-minded (or not) people get together with the commonality of where we're from. The topics are anything to do with Waterbury, past or present. I noticed a great video that fellow member Jamie Jay Tilley had posted about one of his recent visits to Holy Land, and it's great, check it out

I started doing a little research, and I found a few more videos from the past that I thought you might want to see for different perspectives. Here's one that NBC Connecticut did:

One from a few years ago from a YouTube contributor named Exploring with Josh takes you a bit closer:

A great old school video from the year i graduated from Holy Cross High School, 1987, is up next, it's great to see the old brass factories in this one!

Finally, here's a 4K video shot last year:

I hope you enjoyed, and maybe found some inspiration, from these video tours.

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