It's great in this era of intense corporation competition to see some local collaboration. Two of my favorite local places have teamed up to offer a new frozen treat for the Summer, LaBonne's Markets recently had a contest on their official Facebook page to crowd-source a new ice cream flavor that would be produced by Prospect's The Big Dipper ice Creamand sold in the 4 area LaBonne's locations.

LaBonne's only recently completed the purchase of the former Oliver's Supermarket at 75 Waterbury Road in Prospect this past December 2019. Big Dipper is located right up the street at 91 Waterbury Road. Neighbors supporting neighbors, you gotta respect that.


So, after a round of voting, the official winner of the great ice cream debut run is called LaBada Bing, and . Call me boring, but I love the plain vanilla ice cream from The Big Dipper, so this should be a nice addition to one of my already favorites.


It seems as if they're having a tough time keeping this newest tasty collaboration on the shelves, I was in the Watertown store yesterday, and they were sold out. I just put a phone call in to the other stores in Prospect and Woodbury, and they're both sold out at the moment too. The associate that I spoke with in Prospect assured me that more were ordered, so keep trying. I hope this leads to more flavors being made available in the future. I respect LaBonne's dedication to locally sourced products.


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