In our nearly 15 years of doing the Ethan & Lou Show, Ethan and I have had the opportunity to talk to some big names in music, film, sports and comedy. We've had the pleasure to talk to everyone from Bill Bob Thornton to Bernie Williams to Andrew Dice Clay and even Ed Asner. These 8 celebrities stand out as probably our most famous guests and in some of these cases we made one hell of an impression on them.

Ethan & Lou's 8 Most Famous Guests

While going through so many interviews to make this list, it was a bit hard to try and determine a pecking order of the most famous. I want you to run down the list of other guests we've had on and tell me if you think any of these other people we've talked to should have made it onto the above list.

  • David Arquette
  • Victor Cruz
  • Lisa Lampanelli
  • Andrew Dice Clay
  • Bernie Williams
  • Dee Snider
  • Ed Asner
  • Gilbert Gottfried
  • Frank Caliendo
  • Dave Mustaine
  • Tony Dorsett
  • Graham Nash
  • Stephen Stills
  • Daryl Strawberry
  • Lenny Dykstra
  • Bill Burr
  • Patrice O'Neal
  • Leslie Gold "The Radio Chick"
  • Whitney Cummings
  • Frank Stallone
  • Brett Michaels
  • Rowdy Roddy Piper
  • Eddie Money
  • Sig Hansen
  • Andy Hillstrand
  • Robert Kelly
  • Jim Florentine
  • Ralphie May
  • Nick Dipaolo
  • Mitch Fatel
  • Jim Leyritz
  • Paul Teutel Sr.
  • Lita Ford
  • John O'Hurley (J. Peterman)
  • Luis Elizondo
  • Margaret Cho
  • Corey Graves
  • Jakob Dylan
  • Tommy Shaw
  • Melissa Etheridge
  • Norman Lear
  • Jackie Martling
  • "The Reverend" Bob Levy
  • Don Felder
  • Iliza Schlesinger
  • Kenny Loggins

Should any of them have made the list? I know one name that should have been on there and I did not add it because I cannot locate the audio for the interview and that's Kevin Bacon. Damn, I wanted to find that one so bad.

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