I got a text from Mrs. Large the other day, we live in the neighborhood right near Western Hills Golf Course, and she had run down the street to go get some stuff at the gas station across from Spartans. The photo you see above is what she had sent me, with an 'Oooooh!'. I agree. Ooooh. I love the annual Festival that Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church puts on in their Chase Parkway parking lot. That big white tent typically appears on Mother's Day weekend, but, not this year.

Covid 19 almost ruined every public event this year, but as we've seen everyone and everything is being adapted to allow us to continue to enjoy the things that bring us joy. Well, seasoned lamb meat covered in Tzatziki sauce, fresh onions, and ripe tomatoes wrapped up in a pita brings me immense joy, and the good people at Holy Trinity have figured out a way to get our favorite Greek foods into our faces next month.

Holy Trinity will be hosting a drive thru Greek food event on Saturday July 25 from 11AM until 7PM. It will be a limited menu, which they will be announcing soon at their official website, which you can get to by clicking HERE

You MUST pre-order, and you can do so by calling 203-754-5189, or e-mail your order to office@holytrinitywaterbury.org

I'd be good if they could find a way to get those beautiful tomato plants that they sell at the Festival available for curbside pickup.


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