We received a press release this morning giving us details about an upcoming DUI sobriety and safety checkpoint in Waterbury. The Waterbury Police Department Traffic Services Unit will be conducting the DUI checkpoint in the area of 524 Hamilton Avenue in Waterbury. That's the stretch of Hamilton Avenue that's right by the Old St. Joseph's Cemetery, and Hamilton Park


The DUI checkpoint will be conducted starting Friday evening June 26 at 9PM, and it will continue on until 2AM Saturday Morning June 27. The checkpoint is part of the Waterbury Police Department's ongoing expanded DUI enforcement campaign. The Checkpoint will be supervised by the Traffic Services Unit, and it's being funded through a grant from the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation DUI Enforcement Program.

This is a very busy stretch of road that runs parallel with I-84 in the shadow of Holy Land, and a major connection with the East End of Waterbury and the Brass Mill Center/Downtown area.

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I can just tell you from personal experience, driving around anywhere lately that people are raging out of the gate from quarantine. It will be very easy to get carried away being around your friends and family. Please for the sake of all of us, if you drink or smoke, stay put, or get someone sober to drive you home. It's not worth it.


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