According to NBC Sports, 11 of the 200 players that came back since the NHL re-opening on June 8th have tested positive for COVID-19. ESPN says the players union delayed a vote that was to take place over the weekend on the current 60 game proposal for MLB, now the players union voted the proposal down yesterday (6/23/20) meanwhile 40 players and staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus in the last week says USA Today.

The NY Post says David Bertans is the first NBA player to officially say he won't play when the NBA restarts in Orlando, FL. NFLPA medical director Dr. Thom Mayer sent a memo on Saturday telling players not to participate in group workouts this off-season that take place before mini-camp according to CBS Sports. 

The push to get the four major team sports back in action in the U.S. seems to be in serious jeopardy. Baseball seems to be the least likely to return with both the pandemic and labor dispute to contend with. The NBA seems to have the best plan and the biggest problem at the same time, the roster size. The NHL went back to work and has over 5% of their participants positive for COVID-19 already. The NFL paints the rosiest picture for their coronavirus future but that's only because they have the most lead time.

If you could have one pro sports league back, which would it be? 

This is going to be a disaster, if one NBA team has their 4 players get sick and you have a problem. MLB is not coming back and they are going to blame it on the virus, only people living under a rock will believe that. In the NHL you wear at least half a mask and they are already getting sick. The NFL's problems have not begun yet only because they have not started doing anything yet. Good luck to us all!

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