What is the opposite of hardworking? The answer is lazy and that is what our state is being called, after the release of a new study.

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Wallethub set out to rank the hardest working states in America, and the Nutmeg State landed flat on it's face with a ranking of 45. The study looked at metrics from the following categories to make their determinations:

Average Work Week Hours

Employment Rate

They also made a list of Direct and Indirect Work Factors and consulted "The Experts."

Source: WalletHub

What about our neighbors? New York was named #47, New Jersey was #43, and Massachusetts was #44. A.K.A. Someone important at Wallet Hub hates the Northeast.This is what we get? 45? This is what we've earned? This is the level of respect we get?

I said this last year when a similar study was released, and I'll say it again, more weight needs to be given to pace and volume. The pace that we work at in the Northeast may not be healthy but it's off the charts. Especially in the Tri-State area, we do more with less time, than any other region in America and I challenge anyone to dispute that.

This is the first thing you hear from people when they move here. They cannot believe how fast we talk, how fast we drive, how fast we walk and how we multi-task. Look at me, while writing this, I developed an idea for another article, two ideas for my radio show, made a pot of coffee and took two phone calls.

Don't tell me for one second that South Carolina (#28) can hang with that.

P.S. #1 went to North Dakota and #2 went to Alaska. I have 0 problem with Alaska's high rating. Just watch the Discovery Channel and you'll see how tough life is there. The following was the Top 5 Hardest Working States according to Wallethub:

1 - North Dakota

2 - Alaska

3 - Nebraska

4 - South Dakota

5 - Texas

#50 landed on New Mexico.

P.S. #2 - Don't tell me they didn't call us lazy, because a 40 or worse ranking is exactly that.

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