The Ethan and Lou Show has had some exciting guests over the years, who've said some extraordinary things but J.J. will go down as one of the guests who really went above and beyond.

J.J. is one of the reality TV stars on the show "Street Outlaws" on the Discovery Channel and now a star of the new show titled "Street Outlaws, Fastest in America" on the same network.

We were asking J.J. about disputes on the show that could result in a fight and he responded by telling us how ugly his wife is. You read that right, he said:

"Well, you know the good thing I have going for me is I got an ugly wife and she got a big old head and she mean, she tough so they don't mess with me too much."

You can hear the entire ugly wife rant below.

J.J. is saying that he feels like after two divorces, the way to go was to have an ugly wife so no one will try and "steal her." It's a hot take that I don't know if I've ever heard before. This is "m----t" or "precious," he (J.J.) referred to her as both.


I don't think she's ugly or has a big head. However, I am way out of my element, examining what I believe to be the humor of a culture I have nothing to do with. I don't street race, know any street racers and did not grow up in their small town outside Memphis, TN.

I will say that JJ. and "Precious" are welcome on the Ethan and Lou Show anytime they want. If we are going to call people ugly or say they have a big head, I'm down with that kind of fun all day long.

You can watch "Street Outlaws, Fastest in America" Friday evenings at 8 pm EST on Discovery Channel to see the best street racers in America battle for $300,000.

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