You got chocolate on my cheesecake. Hey, you got cheesecake on my chocolate! Now these two incredible taste sensations come together for a limited time at Stew Leonard's in Danbury.

Yup, you read those words correctly, two great desserts have come together as one at Stew Leonard's Danbury location. According to their social media outlets, the Stew's Chocolate Team took some fresh cheesecake from Stew's bakery and put it — on a stick! Then, they went one better and smothered it in rich, Belgian chocolate and topped it with all your favorite candies and cookies. The result is the latest trend and a taste explosion for your mouth.

It's simply called Cheesecake on a Stick, however the taste is anything but simple.Don't wait to get yours, Stew's Cheesecake on a Stick will only be available for a limited time at Stew Leonard's on Federal Road in Danbury.

Here's what some of your friends and neighbors are saying about this popular combo:

  • "Will you bring me to the #Danbury#StewLeonards immediately? I neeeeeed"
  • "Ok ya I’m lovin that. I’ll see you guys after work."
  • "Not good for the diet, but I want this"
  • "Literally drooling"!!!!!
  • "This is heavenly"

Here's the Cheesecake on a Stick promotional video release by Stew Leonard's.

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