Bacon is a top tier breakfast food and I will fight on anyone on that. No one can change my mind. Add it to anything and your meal is elevated.

People also get very picky on how it is made. Air fried, in the oven, on the stove, in the microwave, the list can go on. I also feel like bacon is like hot dogs in a sense of brand. Once you have your one brand, that's what you stick to. I am loyal to the turkey bacon life and my go-to is the Trader Joe's brand. I have yet to find one that I like better.

A recent study from 24/7 Wall St. just came out about the worst bacon and turkey bacon brands in America, and yes, they are different. I was nervous to scroll because I didn't plan on giving up my turkey bacon, but luckily, I don't have to. The brand named worst for turkey bacon was Jennie-O's brand and the reasoning was due to its slimy texture. The 2 other turkey bacon brands that were considered the worst was Butterball and Oscar Mayer.

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Now just because the turkey bacon isn't deemed best, doesn't mean that the pork bacon is the same. And actually, regular bacon had 3 completely different brands. Hormel was in top 2 of worst brands, but the brand to come in at number 1 worst brand of bacon was Great Value. Great Value is Walmart's brand and many customers reviewed the product as some of the worst bacon they've ever had. Also, many said the bacon would turn brown or grey before the expiration date. Great Value is sold all over the state, so make sure you check accordingly while purchasing.

Now, even though they were considered the worst for regular bacon, Great Value was actually considered one of the best for turkey bacon. So, next time you head to Walmart and are looking for bacon, just grab a package of turkey bacon instead.

What are some of your favorite brands of bacon? I'd love to hear about them.

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