How would you feel about a slaughterhouse being built in New Milford?

According to the NewsTimes, public comments will be solicited later this month regarding allowing commercial slaughterhouses in the town of New Milford. Currently, the zoning code has commercial slaughterhouses under the definition of "Farm" where they are prohibited.

The Farmland and Forest Preservation Committee is currently trying to remove slaughterhouses from the "Farm" definition in the zoning code so it can be reclassified in hopes they may become a possibility in New Milford.

Even if you're a devoted carnivore the word 'slaughterhouse' could be a bit off-putting. If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you're probably working on your protest signs as you're reading this. The bottom line is if you're looking forward to rump roast for dinner, a cow will need to be sacrificed.

I've got the perfect solution, a kinder and gentler label for the word "SLAUGHTERHOUSE" That word has a tendency to scare people, so how about we use "Meat Plant" or "Animal Processing Plant" or maybe the "Carnage Corral" instead? Scratch that last one. How about "Bob's Butchery?" or maybe "Vinny's Meatworks?"

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