UPDATE: (9/1/21) - Nico's Pizza and Pasta posted a new message to their Facebook page, it reads: 

"To our loyal customers,

After 18 years of running the family business, our Dad, George, has finally decided to retire and pass the torch to new owners.

We’ve been blessed with the best customers we could’ve ever asked for. We’ve had the joy of getting to know you, watching your families grow and building so many lifelong friendships.
We wish you all the very best and thank you for all your support over the years.
-The Nico’s Crew: Lauren, Chris, Katie (& Krissy)
P.S. I’m sure you’ll be hearing soon from the new owners as they will be taking over the page. We wish them great success!

Follow the signs to the great news, Nico's Pizza and Pasta in Danbury is re-opening soon, and looking for staff."

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There was a new sign posted on the window this weekend when I walked by, sharing the wonderful news.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Let's back up because this Nico's thing is a full on saga. Back in June, the 14th to be exact, I published an article titled: "Popular Danbury Pizzeria Posts Sign Regarding Sudden Closure." In the article, I shared the photo below.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

I saw the sign walking down Main Street the day before and I was devastated for Danbury and sad that I had to be the one to share the news. Nico's Pizza and Pasta was and could again be one of Danbury's best places to get a pie.

So, I assumed that more information would come that was easily digestible and gave a clearer picture of the restaurant's future. I figured, now that I've done this article someone will want to talk and clear things up on behalf of Nico's, but boy was I wrong.

You see, the day I published the closure article, I also called to get more information. No one answered and I got the outgoing message which said:

"Thank you for calling Nico's Pizza and Pasta, we are now officially closed. Sorry about any inconvenience but uh, this is what happened, we're closed. Again, thank you to all of our customers for all the years of, you gave us the opportunity to serve you but right now we're closed. And, um we'll keep you in touch about future plans of reopening under new ownership or partnership. Again, we thank all of our customers for all their business and their support, especially through the 15 months of COVID, uh but we were forced to close our doors. Um, thank you for everything. This is George and we wish you well."

Cut to June 15th, two days after I saw the closure sign, one day after I published the first article. We are doing a segment about the closure announcement on my radio show (The Ethan and Lou Morning Show) and I decide to call Nico's again, I got a completely different outgoing message, this time it said:

"Thank you for calling Nico's Pizza and Pasta where we will be closed for 2 to 4 weeks for some well deserved R & R (Rest and Relaxation). Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates, sorry for any inconvenience and we'll keep you posted. Be well."

After that, I had to write another article to highlight the fact that the beloved restaurant would return and to point out the confusing messaging. On June 15, 2021 I published an article titled: "Nico's Pizza in Danbury Announces Return, Mystery Deepens."

In the article I shared audio recordings of the different outgoing messages, here they are below.

The news on Nico's got quiet for a few days after that but it didn't stay quiet. On June 18, 2021, I was alerted of a commercial real estate listing from an agent named Lisa Brown who listed Nico's Pizza and Pasta For Sale. That day, I published an article titled "UPDATE: Nico's Pizza and Pasta in Danbury For Sale." 

I haven't heard a word about Nico's since, but I've wondered and wandered. I've wondered if it would return and I wander past the business on my walk everyday and stared at the window hoping to see a new sign. That new sign arrived and I saw it for the first time on Saturday (8/28/21). This is the new sign below.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

When I passed by, I got hyped up. They are back, at least I hope. I called the new number and left my contact information in hopes of finding out more. I told them where I work, what I do and suggested I might be able to help get the word out. I have not heard back yet. I'd like to find out the following information for you the customer:

  • Is it the same ownership? Will George and his family still be running things?
  • If it is a new owner, what do they plan on doing different? What will they do the same?
  • Do they want me to publish the phone number that I edited from the sign?

I want to help here in the worst way and no one will let me. I want to get people walking through the door at Nico's and buying pizzas, I want to buy pizzas. If anyone out there has any more information or can get me in touch with the person in charge, reach out to me.

I-95 has a Facebook page, we have an app that allows anyone to text us, we have a studio phone (203)775-9595, and I have multiple social media accounts. I'm easy to reach and people want answers on Nico's.

There was another sign on the front door that was very telling.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

These are not-at-all, traditional Italian menu items. I'm not saying that is a bad thing but it makes me think maybe there is a new owner.

It gets even more confusing as you keep looking, Nico's website reflects some of the menu additions. It says:

"Introducing East Meets West with Nico’s traditional best dishes including some added flavors & new Asian inspired dishes for you and yours to enjoy! From your traditional pizzas, pastas, salads & grinders, you’ll now also find Poke, wings and tenders, along with some Asian twists to the pizza! We’re excited to be contributing & being a part of Main Street’s family of businesses & looking forward to serving your next meal."

East meets West? I'm down, sign me up just tell me who is in charge? When do you open? Are you open already? What do I tell people? The signs on the window are great, I love them but I'm pretty sure I am one of the only people who is paying attention this closely.

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