First, they were closing their doors, then opening back up in a few weeks and now the Danbury Pizzeria is for sale.

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It was Monday (6/14/21) that we heard Nico's Pizza and Pasta in Danbury might be closing for good. Then, Tuesday (6/15/21) their outgoing message indicated they would take a two-four week vacation and return. Now, according to a listing from Brokerage of New England Real Estate Services, the business is for sale.

The listing agent is Lisa Brown who shared this description of the business:

"Owner ready to retire and selling long standing family-owned pizzeria in the heart of City Center District. This location is one of the busiest corners in town and surrounded by off-campus apartments, public library, performing arts theater, schools, banks."

This has been a whirlwind few days for Nico's and I can't imagine what they have gone through making this decision. I've attempted to reach the owner to get an official announcement straight from the source multiple times and have been unable.

If you are interested in the business on the market for $130,000, you can contact Lisa Brown at (203)733-1613 or visit the Brokerage of New England website.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

This is the sign that was hung on the door Sunday when I went looking for food that got me curious about the future for the restaurant.

In the Youtube video below you can hear the different outgoing messages, the first was the one I recorded Monday morning announcing the closure, the second, recorded Tuesday announces the temporary closing/vacation.

This has been a story we've covered on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I-95 all week long. I want the folks at Nico's to know that their food and service have been appreciated as a customer. I also want to get whatever message they want to send, out.

If this article reaches any of the staff or the owner George, don't hesitate to use the phone number I left on your machine. We would welcome anyone from Nico's to come on the Ethan and Lou Show.

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