Yesterday (6/14/21) I published an article titled: "Popular Danbury Pizzeria Posts Sign Regarding Sudden Closure." Today, we are hearing this may not be the case, thanks to a strange outgoing message.

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I'd found out about the "closure" by walking by the building on Sunday (6/13/21) when I saw a sign a sign on the building that read:

"Sorry we are closed. More information to follow. Thank You!"

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

I wrote the article about it and we did a segment about the shocking news on the Ethan and Lou Show Monday morning (6/14/21). To back up my article, I played the restaurants outgoing message on the air. The message said the following:

"Thank you for calling Nico's Pizza and Pasta, we are now officially closed. Sorry about any inconvenience but uh, this is what happened, we're closed. Again, thank you to all of our customers for all the years of, you gave us the opportunity to serve you but right now we're closed. And, um we'll keep you in touch about future plans of reopening under new ownership or partnership. Again, we thank all of our customers for all their business and their support, especially through the 15 months of COVID, uh but we were forced to close our doors. Um, thank you for everything. This is George and we wish you well."

Not only did we play the odd message on the air, but I left my contact information requesting a chance to speak to someone on the matter. Today, (Tuesday 6/15/21) I called back and the outgoing message had been changed to the following:

"Thank you for calling Nico's Pizza and Pasta where we will be closed for 2 to 4 weeks for some well deserved R & R (Rest and Relaxation). Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates, sorry for any inconvenience and we'll keep you posted. Be well."

What is going on here? To prove I'm not losing my mind, I have recordings of both outgoing messages in the video below. The first was recorded on Monday (6/14/21) and it's followed by the second was recorded today (6/15/21).

Something is afoot here in Danbury. Either the fun and talented folks at Nico's are getting the best free ad ever through media manipulation or there is some confusion with the leadership at Nico's.

This is the most intriguing closure/non-closure/vacation in the history of the restaurant business. If you think the mixed messages are odd like me, it pales in comparison to the cloak and dagger phone call I got last night. Someone I trust told me to "keep digging on the Nico's story, there is more than meets the eye."

What in the blue f--- is going on here?! There is more than meets the eye? I'll be sure to give you updates as I get them.

The Ethan and Lou Show, when pizza news breaks, we are there with a mop.

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