We all judge appearances whether we like to admit it or not and there is a lot to judge with this infamous hairdo. It's an easy target for the President's detractors and his fans just ignore it and say "why does that matter?"

I think many of us however are smart enough to know that some American's are not smart enough to know that their opinions are swayed by surface area nonsense. So the real question is, how many people in this country are dumb enough to change a negative opinion about the President after a good haircut.

The fact is, his hair does not matter. It's not important at all. This would be a great social experiment though. You would of course have to get Donald Trump to agree to a haircut, not gonna be easy. Then you poll as many people around the country as possible and ask if his hair has changed their opinion of him.

I think the results would be scary. My prediction, shared by my morning show partner Ethan Carey would be a 5 point bump. What do you think?

P.S. Fixing this hairdo would not be hard. We are not talking about a 500 dollar Matt Harvey haircut here, 10 bucks and a Supercuts technician would get the job done.

P.S. #2 - I like doing blogs like this. I mention something about Trump, I go home and you all fight on Facebook for the rest of the day. Then, my digital guy sends me screenshots of the angriest responses. The more names you call me the harder I laugh.

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