Each week on the Ethan and Lou Show, we welcome both Mayoral Candidates on to share their vision for the City of Danbury.

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This past Friday (10/15/21), Democratic candidate Roberto Alves said he won the debate between he and his opponent. He also defended his position on police funding and keeping taxes low. Alves spoke about the debate first saying:

"Well, we came incredibly prepared and if I had lost the debate, I would have had the same answer Dean did but that wasn't the case. I invite you, Ethan and all of the listeners here to listen to the debate or view it. It's on the Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page. You can stream it better yet, you guys can just clip it and play the first twelve minutes right now and let me know what you guys think."

Later, we asked what Alves thought about Esposito saying he shared a lot of negativity about the Hat City, he replied:

"I wasn't being negative , I was just talking about detailed facts and calling you know, you talk about differences, you know that is a job interview, you show why you are different than the other candidate, you put the differential there for everybody to see.

You talk about detailed plans because we have detailed plans. We have multiple plans on our website. Again, I invite everybody to go look at Alvesfordanbury.com and see all these plans.

If you got to my opponents page he's got 700 words and that is it. I said it, and I'll say it again Danbury deserves more than 700 words. It upsets me that he thinks I just go and talk negatively about the town. No, I'm talking about the opportunities I see in this town. I see a town, a city with so much potential that just hasn't been met and that's why we need different views.

I love this city, that is why I live here, I haven't, you know my kids are here. He talks about how great Danbury is, how it's the shining star of Connecticut, and let's get the past the debate on whether he lives here now or doesn't live here now and we can go to the Facebook feed and look at his neighbor from Brookfield on his comment on that one.

But, I asked him and he wouldn't answer it, if Danbury is so great and it's been so great, why did you leave? And, he refuses to answer that question because he left for a reason and he left for a community that taxes more than Danbury.

So, it's kind of comical to me but here we are presenting our ideas and they are resonating with people and they're resonating with people so much that now they are grasping at straws.

Just earlier today, to you gentleman, he talked about the police issue again, And, I've said it in the debate, I said it on your radio and I'll say it again right now, I'm not defunding the police, I've been a local advocate of funding the police and it's on record.

Yes, I've talked to the Chief and I've talked to the guys who are actually on the road. I don't try and bring in personal issues here but my brother-in-law is a Danbury cop. I have high school friends that are Danbury police officers, again, I've been in this community and I've stayed in this community."

You can listen to our entire interview with Roberto Alves by clicking on the video player at the top of the page. You will hear more from Roberto on his time on the City council, to his plans for Danbury and whether the future of this place is that, of a town or a city.

You can click here to hear what Dean Esposito had to say earlier that morning

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