Roberto Alves

Danbury Mayoral Candidate Roberto Alves on Taxes: ‘We Can Do This Responsibly’
We spoke to Danbury Mayoral Candidate Roberto Alves about critics saying he wants to raise taxes. Alves had this to say: "Just like my promise is to be responsible with our city's money, we have a great team around us, of people, not just with me, with private sector experience but with public experience too whose full goal is to not price anybody out of Danbury, we can do this responsibly."
Democratic Mayoral Candidate Alves Says Rival Danbury Republicans Lack ‘Vison’ and ‘Willingness’ to Address Certain Issues
The first interview of this series with Democratic candidate Roberto Alves was this morning (9/24/21) and we wanted to get a baseline of what he believes the issues are, Alves responded: "I think what you'll hear over and over is education. You've seen pictures on social media of crowded hallways, you hear everyday about school overcrowding. Our kids couldn't go back to school full-time last year during COVID because we didn't have the space to be able to safely, obviously COVID was a unique scenario and we recognize that."

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