Each week on the Ethan and Lou Show, we welcome both Mayoral Candidates on to share their vision for the City of Danbury.

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This past Friday (10/15/21) Republican candidate Dean Esposito said he called out his opponent Roberto Alves for his negativity on the Hat City. Reflecting on their virtual debate earlier in the week Esposito had this to say:

"I think we fell into our format, everybody was trying to, both of us were trying to get our points across that, the issues that we're concerned with. And, you know me I always call him out on him being so negative on the status of Danbury.

You know, me working here for the last fifteen years, and thirty years as a public servant, it upsets me because I know how well Danbury is doing. You cant just say it's going bad, you have to add facts to it and the facts prove overwhelmingly how Danbury is doing in the State of Connecticut and, in the country actually."

Later Esposito doubled down on his statements about Alves from our interview last week about taxes and police funding saying:

"He's calling for defunding the police, he keeps denying it but he's taken the Working Families line and that is what they are all about. I have to call him out on it because he accepted that line and he continues to accept it. So in my mind he wants to defund the police and a few other things with that."

Alves has said he does not intend to defund the police on the Ethan and Lou Show, he's also said he doesn't want or intend to raise taxes. So, I asked Esposito if he thinks that Roberto Alves is saying one thing, and will do another if elected, he replied:

"I think most definitely he's looking at raising taxes because everything he talks about ends up with more money, more money, more money and I fall back to the position of money management.

We can't put anymore burden on our taxpayers here in Danbury. We are coming out of a pandemic and you know, to increase those taxes, I'm going to keep those taxes as low as possible, do the best we can as we've done in the past few years, we've kept them at zero and that's my goal in the next year."

You can listen to the entire Dean Esposito interview from Friday (10/15/21) by clicking the video player at the top of the page. In it, Esposito rates his and Alves' performance in their recent debate.

Click here to hear Roberto's response in an interview conducted later that morning.

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