As we approach Election Day (Nov. 2), we will have both Danbury Mayoral Candidates join the Ethan and Lou Show each Friday morning.

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The last time we spoke to Danbury's Democratic candidate for Mayor, we spent time asking about Downtown (Main Street) issues and wanted to branch out a bit this week. We wanted to know what voters are talking about in the rest of Danbury.

We asked Roberto Alves on Friday (10/1/21) and he said the biggest issue throughout Danbury is the same, no matter where you live in the Hat City, education. Alves had this to say:

"We have a school system that is in dire need of support. This isn't a new problem, this isn't a COVID problem, COVID exasperated the problem, but while we have tremendous teachers and administrators who are just working their tails off, they need help.

You know our schools have been crowded for a long time. You go back to COVID, we were one of the only school districts that couldn't go back to school five days a week because of space issues.

We didn't have to be there. This year, we have kids in kindergarten in Brookfield, not in Danbury. We're opening up, we've got some plans that as soon as they open, we know the space will be enough and we've got some great things going on in the future, the Career Academy that everybody has championed, right?"

Later in the interview I made a remark that when Republicans hear you talk about improving schools, they will immediately say you want to raise taxes. Alves responded:

"Of course they are going to say that, it's easy to say but you know, they haven't been running Danbury for the history of Danbury. Danbury has always been a great place to live, Lou.

Danbury's always been rated a safe city, Danbury has always gotten on a list of places to live, Democrat or Republican leadership. That is because both of those leaderships have always been responsible with our city's money.

Just like my promise is to be responsible with our city's money, we have a great team around us, of people, not just with me, with private sector experience but with public experience too whose full goal is to not price anybody out of Danbury, we can do this responsibly."

You can listen to our entire (10/1/21) interview with Danbury Mayoral candidate Roberto Alves in the video player at the top of the page.

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