Every Friday, we invite both candidates for Mayor of Danbury to join us on the Ethan and Lou radio show on I95.

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Each week, we try and tackle a different subject or issue. This past Friday (10/1/21) we spoke about education funding. We asked Dean Esposito about the crowded schools in the Hat City, taxes and his opponents plan. Esposito had this to say:

"With my campaign, we have proven facts that we manage money. We take care of good money management, and provide the services that we need, even with education.

You know guys, the funding that we get directly from the state to help subsidize education per student, it's almost pitiful. We've got other cities out there that are getting twice as much money per student than we do and there is no justification for that because we're growing everyday.

I think New Britain gets double the money that we get from the state and our share is just the reverse. We pay almost nine thousand per student, they get nine thousand from the state per student.

It's a tough mix, and it's a tough justification why that menu is that way, so we need our state reps, a few of those reps and a few of our state Senators to step up and start really rallying for the City of Danbury and give us, I want to work together with them don't get me wrong, but the goal here is to let the state know that we deserve more.

We send the most taxes up to the state, one of them I think we are first or second every year as far as income tax, sales tax going up to the state. So, we need to get it back here and help the taxpayers of Danbury."

You can listen to our entire interview (10/1/21) with Danbury Mayoral Candidate Dean Esposito in the video player at the top of the page.

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