Danbury, CT is headed towards a decision on November 2, 2021 that will change the leadership voice in the Hat City for the first time in 20 years. Who will city residents choose, Roberto Alves or Dean Esposito?

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As we ponder the question and await an answer, we want to gather as much information from the two candidates as possible. I am proud resident of Danbury, I believe it's my responsibility to help voters get a sense of their options. So, Dean and Roberto will join the Ethan and Lou Show each week and discuss the issues facing Danbury and provide us with a sense of their personality.

We spoke with Republican candidate Dean Esposito on Friday morning (9/24/21) and we wanted to get a baseline of what he believes the issues are, Esposito responded:

"It's issues we face everyday, obviously education, I heard earlier it's a big issue. You know, Danbury has some of the finest schools in the state. We've had over 5 schools of recognition and we have maybe 19 schools total.

So, the City of Danbury has a quality education system but of course with the COVID and the influx of new people, we need more space and we're looking at that every day. Obviously we don't sit back and wait for that to happen, we have foresight, we look into different options, maybe renting, maybe buying preexisting buildings, but that's where we are at, at this point because we're running out of land.

But education is crucial and then, we kept taxes so low that people are flowing into the city everyday to live here because it's a quality of life issue. You know, we have jobs, we've had over I think last year alone a thousand new businesses open in Danbury and that is from corporations with worldwide headquarters to restaurants and small stores so that's a huge issue.

And infrastructure as well, we are doing a $10 million upgrade to Main Street to help move that forward, you see the green is in process right now, the downtown green and we're looking to put all new sidewalks, new lighting, new trees down Main Street to enhance the look there and you know help the businesses down there get back on their feet."

To hear our entire interview with Dean Esposito click the video player at the top of the page.

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