The Danbury Teachers have officially announced they are endorsing Democrat Roberto Alves for Mayor.

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This is the first time in over ten years they've officially given their support to a Mayoral candidate. The NEA (National Education Association) of Danbury recently made the announcement which was distributed in a press release on Monday (9/27/21).

NEA President Erin Daly had this to say of Alves:

“Roberto Alves understands the critical needs of our public schools. He understands that investing in our schools is an investment in our community. As a parent of two children attending Danbury Public Schools, he knows how under-funding our schools for over a decade has impacted our community and our children. As a graduate of Danbury Public Schools, he knows how hard our teachers work and their commitment to our kids. Roberto is the only candidate with a vision for Danbury's future. He truly understands Danbury -- both its problems and its potential."

Alves graciously accepted the support saying:

“I’m incredibly honored to receive NEA Danbury’s endorsementTeachers are our front line when it comes to our kids and education. They’ve seen the difference between then and now and people are coming out to do something about it. This is coalition building at its finest – we’re building bridges and reopening lines of communication that have gone by the wayside over the last decade. As Danbury’s next Mayor I won’t sit idly by until our problems get too big to address. I’ll get the job done.”

Alves is opposed by Republican Dean Esposito who has worked as Chief of Staff for both Mark Boughton  and Joe Cavo. Alves adds this endorsement to a list that includes: Connecticut Working Families Party, Western Connecticut AFL-CIO, AFT Connecticut, SEIU 1199 New England, CSEA SEIU Local 2001, CEUI, Carpenters Local 210 and the group Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction.

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