The Bryce Harper to the Bronx rumors are heating up again. We just won't know until we know. The real question is would it be good for the Yankees, would it be good for Bryce?


  • Bryce Harper has been categorized as a problematic locker room personality since he was a kid.
  • It will costs hundreds of millions of dollars but more importantly years, he will want a lot of them. The Yankees have a long and storied history of giving away too much money and way too many years. The A-Rod experiment still gives me a headache when I think about it.


  • He is only 26 years old and a proven major league star.
  • He's a lefty bat. The New York Yankees are inexplicably devoid of left handed bats. They simply don't have enough in a stadium built for them. This is a HUGE plus for Bryce to New York.

What we don't know, cannot know until he is here is can he handle New York? He's got an attitude. That attitude can work to his advantage in a tough town or could work against him in a big way. If you asked me in June, I'd have said, I would not touch him but now I really don't know.

P.S. Don't ask me what position he will play because I have no idea. No matter what the Yankees do in the off season, they are going to have to answer questions about who plays where defensively. If they bring in Machado, you have a huge log jam in the infield. If you bring in Harper, you have the same problem in the outfield. They are going to be asking someone to play out of position for sure.

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