There has been an incredible transformation of the landscape along the Naugatuck River/Riverside Drive/Freight Street area of Waterbury over the past couple of years. With the Rt. 8/I-84 mixmaster rehabilitation going full-steam, Waterbury has also progressed into another step in the new Jackson Street project in the area. I was driving along West Main Street yesterday, and it looks like they've really got the new road ready to go. I snapped a couple of pics from the D&Y Ocean Fish Market parking lot on West Main Street looking directly South, and you can see from the photo below that the sidewalks have been installed, the road has been paved, and with a little bit of landscaping and some fine tuning, the new go-between from Freight Street to West Main Street should be open to the public relatively soon.

Photo by Large "PYT" Dave

Here's a photo of how things looked from the Freight Street side of things from Google Maps, this photo below was taken from right around where the Tower Grill parking lot used to be, looking due North towards West Main Street.

Google Maps

This is another step in the city's W.A.T.E.R. project that started back in 2016, which includes complete reconstruction of Freight and Meadow Streets, the reconstruction of Jackson Street, and the final phase, which we're just starting to see the first signs of life of - the Library/Train Station/Jackson Street Connector pedestrian bridge. The city has done a lot of work on the Meadow/Grand Street intersection over the summer, and it all looks to be tying in nicely. Great job Waterbury.

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