If you noticed that your water was a nice shade of brown in Waterbury this morning, it's due to the fact that a 42 inch Water Main Pipe burst on Wednesday night, September 2, 2020, at around 6PM right in the vicinity of 1669 Thomaston Ave in the Waterville section of town. Waterville absolutely earned it's nickname, as the earth erupted from the sheer force of hundreds of thousands of gallons of water flew 30-40-50 feet in the air. This happened right in the Montambault's Auto parking lot. In an update to the city this morning, Waterbury Mayo,r Neil O'Leary, posted a few photos of the pipe that burst, and the crater that the city workers have dug out along Thomaston Ave. They are currently installing a replacement pipe that, according to O'Leary, had to be driven to Waterbury all the way from Beloit, Illinois. The installation of this pipe will begin immediately upon it's arrival, due to all of the work that O'Leary credits Waterbury's Bureau of Water, and Dayton Construction with.

42 Inch Water Main Break and Repair in Waterbury

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