I've always wanted to have my own line of t-shirts. This dream was never realized, but now I have a way in. We have a "merch store" on this very website that sells all sorts of apparel.

Once the store was launched, the company asked us all to submit ideas for shirts and I have not stopped. We did roll out our "Florida You Say" shirts to great fanfare and our listeners have been buying them up fast and furious.

Seeing these shirts around town brings me great joy but I want more. I've got no shortage of t-shirt ideas and many are based on my fake business ideas or sayings from the Ethan and Lou Show.

It's important to note that I am terrible at design so these are just crude mock ups that I will need someone else to cleanup for me but we have very talented people who work here that are more than capable of fixing these.

Lou's New T-Shirt Design Ideas for the I-95 Merch Store

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