It appears that people are finding new and inventive ways to transport drugs.

According to an article in the Stamford Daily Voice last Friday, a Wilton police officer pulled over a vehicle on Danbury Rd. because of a couple of malfunctioning lights. As he approached the car, the odor of marijuana wafted over the officer which induced a search of the vehicle.

The officer noticed a can of Pringles which he opened and discovered a cache of cocaine inside the can. William Garcia-Perez was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and driving without working headlights.

After conducting more online research, I found that hiding one's cocaine in a Pringles can is not such an original idea. The same Pringle's can caper happened in Philly in July of 2012 and in Sept. of 2017 when a Monroe teen tried to smuggle her parent's drugs in a Pringle's can. In April of 2013 a New Jersey man was arrested with $2,500 worth of cocaine, yup, you guessed it, in a frickin' Pringle's can.

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