A student was arrested at Staples High in Westport after allegedly making threats directed at a teacher and some students.

According to fox61.com, a Staples High School student overheard another student talking about how he would like to carry out a mass shooting. The student went immediately to a school administrator and the police were called.

Westport Police Brief Media on Threat Made by a Student at Staples High
Westport Police Brief Media on Threat Made by a Student at Staples High - Photo Taken from Westport Police FB Page

Westport officers and detectives responded, and they say they found the student in question already being grilled by school administrators. Westport police visited the student's home where they found firearms which were owned by the father and were locked away in a safe. After intense questioning of the teen that made the threat, Westport Police Chief, Foti Koskinas told the Connecticut Post:

Based on the information that was learned by the school administrators, it was confirmed the student did have thoughts of executing a mass shooting at our high school.

Before the kids were allowed to enter Staples High on Wednesday morning, police canvassed the entire school for any sign of firearms or explosives. What a sad state of affairs that our schools have to be on high alert from the threat of being mowed down by a weapon where the bullets travel 3,251 feet per second and delivers 1300 foot-pounds.

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