First, OJ went golfing yesterday and I'm happy to report that he "actually played pretty well," which is nice. Second, someone told OJ about the Netflix sensation "Tiger King" and he has his thoughts about Don Lewis, Carol Baskin's late husband who many speculated was murdered.

I am not even surprised that this dude cannot help himself from talking about murder on camera. He wants us all to know so bad that he's a murderer, he just can't help himself. We've been through this so many times from the book he put out years back "If I Did It" to the TV specials and now this, not stunning to wake up to.

What always blows my mind is the golfing, I know they could not manage to get the guy for the killing he did and put him in jail forever but can't we all take away OJ's golf? I don't know how that would work, I'm just spit-balling here. Also, who is golfing with him? What kind of scum a-holes are in his regular foursome? I'd love to unearth the crew that golf's three times a week with OJ Simpson.

In general terms we already know who they are:

White collar criminal��

Gary Radler

There's a promising small company somewhere out in America right now that is losing millions and doesn't know it yet. They'll figure it out in two to three years when the House of Cards collapses but for now this A-hole is living the dream, stealing from this company and bragging about it to OJ on the links.

Division III College Football Player 


This dude is never making it to the NFL, he and OJ both know it and pretend otherwise. OJ can't mentor or talk to any reputable, high profile players because it would destroy their reputation. OJ's ego won't let him go without sharing advice no one wants so he'll tell anyone he can.

Strip Club Owner 


This requires no explanation.

It's not everyday you get a profile of a "alleged" murderers golf squad but it is happening today. Sometimes I can't avoid telling you I'm on another level, this is one of those times, I'm on another level and you and I both know it.

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