We live in a time of great worry and anxiety. There is social unrest, volatile financial markets and a global pandemic to consider. That said, you may sleep better knowing that OJ Simpson got a COVID-19 vaccine. I learned of the news on OJ's twitter over the weekend and I was filled with relief.

I love getting advice from strangers who have been accused of double murders (that's as far as I can take it legally) and wear masks with their nickname on it. It's just good to know that he'll live a long life and get to keep golfing.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. OJ followed up this tweet with another and had this to say in the video:

Well, as you may have heard by now, I got my COVID shot this week. You know, I recently celebrated by 34th annual 39th birthday so I qualified here in Nevada.

So, my daughter and I spent about four hours, over a two day period waiting on the telephone, she did most of it, to get my reservation. I got my reservation and I went to my local Walgreen's, waited in a very short line and I got my shot.

Now, I have one friend, a gold buddy of mine, he got the Moderna shot last week and his shoulder was sore for a couple of days. Uh, another friend of mine, he got the Pfizer like I did and he was actually nauseous and sick for a couple of days.

Me, I've had no effects, I mean I've had no ill-effects, I'm just fine.

This is the only person who can mention Nevada and embarrass the state. Even the state known for keeping secrets has to cringe when they hear that OJ was talking about living there.

P.S. Who are these two friends of his? I actually believe he has two friends, I do, but who are these people? 

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