just released their 2024 list of the Top 100 US Restaurants, and I'll save you the click, not one from Connecticut made the list. Do you demand a recount? Does Yelp's endorsement of nowhere in Connecticut anger you? I'm with you.

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If you've never eaten anywhere outside of Connecticut, you have no idea how good we have it. We are in the middle of most diverse culinary landscape in the US: The Cheesesteaks of Philly, Maryland crab cakes, Rhode Island clam fritters, a fried dough, nuts from a street vendor, Indian, Thai, Turkish, Afgani, you can find it all here in Connecticut. Try to find a fried dough in Idaho, or a hot buttered lobster toll in Ohio?

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Connecticut is where the great chefs of Europe, New York City, and Boston come to semi-retire, open up a suburban restaurant, and watch the money roll in. Our diners are still flush with disposable income, and we have more Karen's per capita than Rhode Island and Vermont combined. Bad restaurants disappear here within months, and Yelp reviews in our state can be brutal. The highest rated restaurant on Yelp in Hartford? Fire by Forge's 4.7, which was based on 43 reviews. Danbury's is J. Law Kitchen & Craft Bar's 4.6 star rating.

What would you say Connecticut's most famous restaurant is? Cava in Southington? Mystic Pizza? Ted's? Pepe? The Golden Leaf in Brookfield? Connecticut has incredible restaurants that serve food that you cannot get anywhere else in the US. I stand by you Arethusa al Tavolo, even though doesn't believe that you are one of the best in the US, I do. Rates Newtown's 'Noveau Monde' Restaurant One of the Best in CT

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