A while back, Elon Musk was back on X/Twitter preaching about the birth rate, saying the human race can not survive if we don't make more people and fast. I don't what this dude is talking about.

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The last I checked there were around 7.9 billion people on Earth and I-84 is a disaster every single day. Has Elon seen I-95, has he tried to merge onto the Merrit Parkway? You think Mr. Musk has ever tried to find a parking spot in the Danbury, Connecticut Costco parking lot?

When I'm on Connecticut's highways and biways, all I can do is marvel at how many people exist and wonder why they all need to be somewhere at the same time. I spend most of my time behind the wheel fully convinced that my task is more important than that of the drivers in front of me.

What is this man suggesting? Let's say there were another billion people on Earth and let's say Connecticut had another million dopey heads bopping around. What a nightmare it would be trying to merge on I-84 from Super 7.

I understand that Elon has made some visionary moves in his life but he's in one hell of a slump lately. Don't listen to this guy, everyone stop making babies! Driving around Connecticut has been capital S, stupid lately. Let's reconsider the more people thing.

I say we wait for the numbers to drop down to around 73 humans before we start panicking and making rash decisions? 

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