Despite the incredible rise in food cost, there are still a few competitive food challenges in Connecticut in 2024. Most of the famous food challenges that you've seen on Man vs Food are still around, but I found a brutal Polish Food Challenge yesterday in East Windsor.

Polish food is heavy, there are no dainty dishes. Even the names are harsh - Kapusta, Golabki, Bigos, Pierogi, and of course, Kielbasa. Almost every dish features cabbage, very earthy, simple, doughy, with meat, it's so comforting. Eating five pounds of Polish food in 30 minutes seem like something you can do?

I Found a Brutal Challenge For Competitive Eaters in East Windsor

I didn't expect to find one of the most brutal food challenges in Connecticut when I stopped into Belvedere Polish Deli in East Windsor, but I want to see someone give it a shot, wow.

Gallery Credit: Large Dave

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