Do you ever keep track of how long your kids spend on various screens and devices?

Researchers at the Brain Balance Center surveyed 2,000 American parents asking them how long their children spend on various screens. The survey was conducted at the end of August of this year and the results are fascinating.

Their findings were based on the percentage of respondents who claimed their child spent three or more hours per day on a screen. The following are the top five states with the most screen-addicted kids according to the Brain Balance Center, followed by my projected reasons why the kids are addicted to screens with help from

1. Wyoming - (The Reasons) - There's nothing to do except gaze at large amounts of sky and it's ranked as the most expensive state to own a car.

2. Delaware - (The Reasons) - You can barely go outside when pollen season starts in April and Delawarians claim that during pothole season, cars actually disappear never to be seen again.

3. Alaska - (The Reasons) - The Moose are the size of Delaware! Dude, Glaciers! One moment you're standing on some ice, the next moment that chunk of ice is your new home.

4. Connecticut - (The Reasons) - Connecticut has the reputation of being quiet and boring and we don't have any freakin' pro sports teams.

5. New Hampshire - (The Reasons) - Swimming off the coast of New Hampshire is like a polar bear jump and unless you're into hiking and beautiful scenery, you're screwed.

Brain Balance Centers offer a unique holistic, drug-free approach to addressing behavioral, social, and learning difficulties in kids. For more information, click on

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