You ever go back to a business, restaurant, or event because of how good it smells? I have, it feels weird to admit that. I think wearing a mask made me pay more attention to how a place smells now.

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For example: I love Arethusa Farm's Dairy Store on Bantam Road because of the smell of the freshly baked waffle cones, and Mohegan Sun Casino because of how fresh it smells throughout that beautiful place. Have you ever walked into a restaurant that smelled like your grandma's house? I have.

Take a Whiff at Ten of the Best Smelling Places in Connecticut

You ever have a place that you want to go back to just because of how good it smells? Me too. Here are 10 of my favorite places around all of Connecticut to stop and smell the roses, and bread, and pizza, and exotic makeups from around the world.

The Rotisserie Chicken Masters of Connecticut

It's easy to roast a whole chicken, right? Nope. I've purchased so many undercooked or under seasoned roasters over the years. There are a few places that have served a perfect rotisserie chicken every time, you want a good bird? Go here -

CT Event Center Will Welcome 13 of the Biggest Celebrities of the 90s

Every decade is remembered in snapshots, for it's news stories, music, movies and entertainers. In the 90's, we were being introduced to a lot of new ideas and fresh faces. The following 13 people will always be synonymous with the 90's and it is one of the reasons we love them. 

Wait, did I mention they're all coming to CT in March? These 90's personalities will be featured guests at 90's Con on March 17, 18 and 19 at the Connecticut Convention Center. 

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