Did you know that Paul Simon performed some of his timeless classics in Danbury ten years ago? For only a couple hundred lucky people? Paul Simon, on-stage at the Matrix Conference & Banquet Center? I took a few crappy photos, but I found a great video of the show on YouTube.

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The Matrix is now The Summit at Danbury, it's right off I-84 and Old Ridgebury Road. But on Saturday night January 26, 2013, it wasn't an office building, it was alive and rocking to the sweet sounds of a rock and roll hall of famer, with a Legendary New York Yankee by his side.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Hillside Food Outreach is a local non-profit that has provided food to those in need throughout the greater Danbury area for years. Hillside holds events throughout the year to keep their food pantry stocked, New York Yankee legend Bernie Williams has donated his time and efforts to Hillside and their events for years. Bernie is an incredible musician by the way. Hillside's main fundraiser in 2013 was called "Speak Out Against Hunger", and it was announced just prior that Paul Simon was going to play at the event.

I was lucky enough to score a couple of tickets for my wife and I, and sure enough, Rhymin' Simon made his way into the room, and all of us gasped. It was amazing to see two celebrities of their stature on stage together. Paul Simon is New York City, but damn, it's Bernie too. Simon performed a few songs, I remember Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard, and haunting versions of The Boxer and Mrs. Robinson.

Here's a video from Rock Star Events that I found on YouTube -

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