Today is National Shortbread Day, and it makes me cry.Here's the story of why.

The National Day of Calendar declares Jan. 6 National Shortbread Day. I however declare it Pam's Memory of Her Mom Day.

Adelaide, my mom, wasn't what you'd call a gourmet cook. She was a great basic cook though. And my mama LOVED her sweets. While she wasn't gourmet in the baking arena either, she did turn out some of my most favorite treats. Now I'm not gonna lie, I always tell people I'd rather drink my calories then have dessert, Though there are a few exceptions to that rule, and one of them is my mom's shortbread.

While the famous Walkers Shortbread website declares they are The World's Finest Shortbread, there's nothing like something baked in your mom's kitchen. If Adelaide was still alive, and she gave you her shortbread cookies, you'd swear by them too.

Butter, and a ton of it, is the key! You use one stick in the recipe, and while that may not sound like a lot, it only yields 8 cookies. Yes I can feel my arteries hardening while I type this, but all that butter, and mom's love, always made me say the hell with it and scarf down more than one at a time. Since she loved them as much as I did, she always made enough to fill a few cookie tins. When I moved away from home, it was always one of my favorite care packages to get from her.

My mom got the recipe from her mom, so we're not talking internet capabilities here. But they are very simple to make and nails it if you want to try. I'd love it if you let me know you did, and give mom a smile while you do.

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