People of Southbury, rejoice! You can once again get one of the most delicious grinders I've ever inhaled in your town again. I'm talking about the baked stuffed Pastrami grinder from Nardelli's.

Nardelli's has expanded to multiple locations over the past decade throughout Connecticut, and the Southbury location, in the Union Square Plaza at 385 Main Street South, shut it's doors in February for "Renovations".

The building sat dormant through Spring and most of the Summer, but recently, life started to appear inside the building. I passed through Southbury on the way home last week, and I was very surprised to see balloons, a "grand opening" sandwich board, and even a Nardelli's van parked close to the road beckoning hungry Southbury folk to stop into one of Connecticut's favorite deli's.

Nardelli's has been slinging the proscuitto, capicola, mortadella, tiramisu, and cannoli's into our faces since 1922. I'm so glad that I can stop into the Southbury location once again, get me a baked stuffed pastrami STAT.