I came home from work yesterday and walked into my "safe space." This is my home, where I go and play with my toys. I consider my home a comfortable, happy, fear free place to live. That was until I saw this:

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

It has some similar characteristics to my wife, Erica, but this day-walker was clearly dead behind the eyes. My "fight or flight" kicked in, and I started beating feet down the street. I think I made it about a full mile, wind sprinting the whole way, before I stopped to look back to see if anything was chasing me.

I have not been home since, and I fear I will never be able to return.

If this has ever happened to you, please let me know what my next move should be. For now, I am sleeping on a cot behind the dumpster at the radio station. It's not ideal, but anything beats trying to return to the place I once considered home. That's now a forsaken, demonic wasteland. There is nothing left for me there — it's a gateway to evil and despair.

If you are reading this, please help. I think this "thing" is coming for me. It wants something, most likely my soul.

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