According to the NewsTimes, a company called Odyssey moved its company headquarters from the first floor of the Matrix Conference Center in Danbury to the 4th floor. The move gave Odyssey more space and gave the Matrix a much needed lease renewal that runs until 2026.

After Praxair and Boehringer Ingelheim left the facility, there was a lot of concern from Danbury officials about the fate of the 1.2 million square foot building that was constructed in 1980 and was the one time home base of Union Carbide.

I'm happy to hear that a breath of life has been pumped into the Matrix. I love that place. I've been to a bunch of weddings and company parties there, so I have had some pretty memorable/forgotten nights in that building.

I also am not an architecture snob — some people think it looks dated. I agree, it looks dated, but in the coolest possible way. When you walk around in there, you feel like you could be in the Death Star if the Death Star was bought by a porn production company. So, it's got it all for me — Star Wars, porn ambiance, and micro flashes of nights I barely remember.

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