According to the Patch, Jason Napoletano of Tolland was arrested on Tuesday and charged with reckless driving. Napoletano was allegedly doing 100 mph in a Lamborghini at a car dealership's grand opening ceremony.

He showed up for the Prestige Auto Cars Grand Opening on Hartford Turnpike on August the 19. An Connecticut radio station (not i95) was on hand in a promotional capacity. Napoletano, according to the report, managed to talk his way into a Lamborghini with a radio host from said station. That didn't end well.

Napoletano not only went WAY too fast, allegedly. But he also recorded the whole thing as he accelerated up route 83, no doubt showing off for Amy Grey. He turned himself in on Tuesday and is due in court September 25 for a charge of reckless driving.

Not to disparage my own profession, but this is sad. If you feel the need to impress a local radio DJ, you have some glaring insecurities. We rank just a hair above the trivia host guy at your local bar in terms of respect from the community. Do better, Jay. Get your life in order and next time, at least try to impress a mime.

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