This is my daughter, Vida. Tomorrow, she will be 11 months. I recently decided that her education begins when we decide it does. I started my early education time with her last week, and yesterday was session #2.

The whole session starts with me reading her a book, followed by letting her spend some time with the same book flipping the pages. Then, we look at the A-B-C-1-2-3 grid I made, and last, we play with the ABC blocks, and I repeat, "A-B-C" while showing her the corresponding blocks. Everything went great with the book time, the grid was OK until she tried to eat it, and then, we got to the blocks. This is about the time she got bored. This, I knew was coming. What happened next, I did not see coming. She sent a clear message that she was done.

I turned to my left to grab one of the blocks. When I turned back, another block moving at an estimated speed of 600 feet-per-second hit me in the right eyeball. I yelled "MOTHER FARTER!" That was a split-second audible away from the bad one.

She is, of course, a genius and if I keep up the lessons, she will be a slam dunk student. But she also has a future in Major League Baseball. I think the block came from her left hand. That's good. Lefty starters in "The Majors" fetch big bucks.

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